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Name:Jack Slater
Birthdate:Jan 17
Jack sees dead people.

When he was little, he was terrified that they were trying to hurt him and told people this in the hopes that they would help him. Unsurprisingly, his parents thought there was something seriously wrong with him and sent him to a string of psychologists. He became increasingly introverted and messed up, embroiled in his own little tragedy (but on the upside, at least it made his parents notice him, even if it simultaneously caused them to reject him as weird and flawed).

Then he met Suze Simon, who could also see ghosts. She explained to him that the ghosts weren't trying to hurt him; he was part of a line of people who could see and interact with the dead for the purpose of helping them to move on from their old life. Jack finally came out of his shell and started acting like a normal boy, even making friends.

Unfortunately for his reputation, not all ghosts want to move on, so Jack has a slight tendency to get in trouble for things like showing up at school beat up or (just the once!) driving his teacher's car into a lake (which, for the record, was all the fault of the teacher's deceased father-in-law). His family still doesn't pay much attention to him (though his parents were at least relieved when he stopped claiming to see ghosts), but Jack has (mostly) moved on from that, and takes the continued attempts to turn him into a normal son via the power of psychiatry with a certain resigned grace. He has his work to occupy him, anyway, not to mention a certain dead golden retriever that has attached itself to him.

Jack is currently fifteen and attending a prestigious high school in New England (after being kicked out of a few; thankfully, his parents have a lot of money on hand to make a few smoothing-over donations). Overall, he's doing a lot better.

You probably shouldn't bring up his brother, though.

Jack is a member of a small number of people on his Earth who can see and touch ghosts (and, as such, probably can tell if a person is dead in Milliways). Aside from that, he's pretty much your average teenaged boy.

Jack Slater is from the Mediator series, and is the property of Meg Cabot. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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